Ceaseless Efforts and Never Ending Research Mind

We are recommending valuable products, with self-confidence, while listening
to our customers’ comments, and striving for improvement.
These step by step will lead to customers’ confidence.

Human Beings, Nature and Life
There are lots of things to protect.
Not only creating, but living together with nature, always looking forward,
steadily and Firmly.
This is the foundation of Palace Chemical.

Continual Efforts and Research
We are making untiring efforts in research and development based on the harmony of natural and
human living environment toward the future.

Product Line-up with High Originality
We are improving and expanding our products to meet the customers’ changing needs, in addition
to our existing products with high originality, aiming at customers’ satisfaction.

Realization of Sophisticated Quality Control
We are realizing sophisticated quality control via a well organized inspection system appropriate
for features of each product by rigorous selection of raw materials through computerized quality

Service System Responding to Customers’ Confidence
We are managing order receiving, manufacturing, shipment and inventory using a highly advanced
information transmission system.
We are walking side by side with our customers as continuous partners through our products

Aiming at Establishment of More Extended Domestic
and International Network

We are constructing our international network to serve the customers through consolidation of our
overseas marketing bases.

Coexistence with Nature── Importance of Nature Protection
We are manufacturing and further targeting human and eco-friendly products through resource
saving and recycling.